Living Alone

On those few occasions when I find myself sitting alone for the evening, I often find myself feeling isolated despite my abundant surroundings.

Foreseeing Death

I have always believed that life is extremely unpredictable, and that death is the only thing we can all count on

Let’s Embrace

There are days when I take a look at us and I wonder why have we defined boundaries between us. This piece of poetry is a longing from my heart for a unified Muslim fellowship.

Losing You

I have been observing the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan and it has generally been a month for me to draw nearer to Him. So, with this I wrote a piece of poetry about finding Him.

Soldier & War

Some say we are at the edge of a whole new World War. I don’t have any idea how genuine that is, yet what I am certain about is that we have seen an adequate number of conflicts since the beginning of the millennium.

No Perfect Men

O Umair, do you know perfection is the biggest flirt in town?

Don’t you forget that nothing is perfect?

When the time comes, the best of perfection will be placed six feet under.

A Loving Soul

It is not worth staying bitter and continue hating on people. Care and spread love to everyone around you especially in this ever fast-changing world.