Soldier & War

Hello Everyone,

Some say we are at the edge of a whole new World War. I don’t have any idea how genuine that is, yet what I am certain about is that we have seen an adequate number of conflicts since the beginning of the millennium.

With that, I chose to write down a short poem about the man and woman who are at the focal point of these conflicts regardless of their choice.

Dear Soldier,

Are you glancing around at the cruel scenes from the war?

You see bodies scattered all over.

Not realizing which are yours or theirs.

The scent of blood is everything you can smell.

Your sight is foggy with all the smoke.

I realize your heart sinks when you glance around,

It fills up with sorrow.

You long for the conflict to reach a conclusion.

The noises of the weapons do not let you ponder further.

The look of the foe charging at you,

Scars you forever.

You tell yourself to be hopeful,

As you are in the spot of death.

With Love,


With this, I hope you continue to engage me and share with me on discovering new perspectives to living.

Thanks for reading,

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