Today Is All We Have Got

I have recently been thinking about what I want my life to look like. Most people think of this as a very vague, illogical idea but I’ve found that it’s actually quite easy to define. Let me explain.

Why Do You Plan?

There are days when I go round and round in a circle and begin arranging each and every piece of my life

Living The Dream

I am continuously dashing with new ideas and thoughts – and the most ideal way I can share them to you is through my poetry.

So with this, here is a poetry about Living The Dream.

My Take On Collective Social Behaviour

In this personal reflection blog post, I want to share my perspectives on what I have learnt and experienced when I took a lucid look at the conundrum of crowds.

Our Shroud

Our shroud is the only piece of clothing with no pockets.

Patience & Faith

When stuck in life don’t start scrambling to find a solution to unstuck yourself.

Addiction To Domestic Abuse

Medications, liquor and food are not by any means the only things that individuals can get addicted to. You may be astonished to discover that abuse can likewise turn into an addiction.