Living The Dream

Hello Everyone!

It has been several months since I posted something on my own blog. The past couple of months have been downright exciting for me. I have moved base, setting up my new home and workplace expansion has been an intriguing experience.

Along this journey, I had the opportunity and energy to reflect profound into my heart, mind and soul and I found that I am continuously dashing with new ideas and thoughts – and the most ideal way I can share them with you is through my poetry.

So with this, here is a poetry about Living The Dream.

It seems like yesterday

I used to dream of this life

Now the previous life appears to be so far off.

Like a memory from another life

People would never comprehend my dreams

Now see me, living the very dream.

Carrying on with a life full of joy

I am glowing like a nightingale

I hope you get everything you could ever want.

With harmony in all that you do

As the clock strikes midnight

I pray the dream you dream, comes true.

With this, I hope you continue to engage me and share with me on discovering new perspectives to living.

Thanks for reading,

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