Umair Khan

Hello There!

Welcome to my personal blog. This is a space where you will be able to access my heartfelt writings to my insightful podcast, so come join me as I discover new perspectives to life.

I am a business leader and a digital content creator. I am a Pakistani who grew up in Singapore, with an amazing and supportive family who encouraged me to discover new perspectives to life. I married my soulmate in January, 2021.

Having started my wonderful career in 2014 by chance when I stumbled upon Hoiio as a fresh job seeker. Hoiio is a telecommunication service provider based in Singapore and I would credit a good part of my personal growth to this company. With the passing of time, I have held multiple roles within the company and today I am part of the management team and serve as a mentor to our service team. 

During this period, I enrolled into a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at The Australian Institute of Business and successfully graduated in 2017. As an avid seeker of new knowledge, this was a step forward to dive deeper into my knowledge in the business world. 

Just as I graduated, my company Hoiio expanded our business into the platform business with B3Networks, where we bring tier 1 & 2 telecommunication operators and app developers together in the APAC region. Over time, this became our primary focus and I channeled my energies into this new venture where I ran our service team and then stepped forward to launch our Academy. And today, I am the Head of B3Networks Academy which I manage with a wonderful team. 

As my career progressed, I became a minority shareholder in Hoiio Holdings which is the parent company today for Hoiio Services, B3Networks and our other subsidiaries. 

With the passing of time and my continued interest in discovering new perspectives and sharing them through my writings on this blog, my wife and I decided to embark on a new venture.

Together, we Co-Founded and embarked on our venture –  Two Souls One Chai in May, 2021. At Two Souls One Chai, our mission is to share our insights on how to live a good story, one that you can look back at and share with a wide smile on your face.

Having a passion to continue growing this personal blog, I decided to launch my very own Podcast, Discover New Perspectives with Umair Khan. The first season of it will be coming on 10 June, 2021 and you can listen to it on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify or whichever app you are on.

A final message from me to you:

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to discover new perspectives to life and engage with you all wonderful people. I will always set aside some time to share with you on the latest happenings in the lifestyle, business, spirituality domain and whatever new is happening in town. 

Join me weekly either on a Tuesday or Thursday for a new Blog Post, Podcast Episode or a YouTube Video.

Thanks for reading,