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S 02 – EP 01 | Making Change Work For You Discover New Perspectives with Umair Khan

In this first episode of Season 2, we'll be discussing the difference between a Burning Platform and a Quantum Leap change, the predictable patterns of how people react to change, and the steps you can take to help yourself cope with the most difficult changes. Understanding the types of changes that we face can help us to navigate them more effectively. Whether it's a slow, burning platform change that we see coming, or a sudden quantum leap change that takes us by surprise, we can take steps to prepare ourselves and respond in a way that allows us to move forward. We'll also be looking at the different stages of reaction to change that people typically go through, from denial to acceptance. Knowing what to expect can help us to move through these stages more quickly and with less resistance. Finally, we'll be discussing practical steps that you can take to help yourself cope with difficult changes, such as finding support, taking care of yourself, and focusing on what you can control. Like this show? Send me a message on my social media handle – even one sentence helps! Post a screenshot of you listening on your social media and tag me with your one key takeaway from this episode. I would love to thank you personally! Follow me on iumairkhan.com as I share more on discovering new perspectives to living.
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