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S 01 – EP 02 | Racism & How To Be An Anti-Racist Discover New Perspectives with Umair Khan

In this episode, I discuss how racism has spread around the world, how a racist views the world and how we can work on ourselves to hold onto anti-racist beliefs and thoughts. Like this show? Send me a message on my social media handle – even one sentence helps! Post a screenshot of you listening on your social media and tag me with your one key takeaway from this episode. I would love to thank you personally! Follow me on iumairkhan.com as I share more on discovering new perspectives to living.
  1. S 01 – EP 02 | Racism & How To Be An Anti-Racist
  2. S 01 – EP 01 | Who Can You Trust
  3. The “Discover New Perspectives” Podcast Teaser