Living Alone

On those few occasions when I find myself sitting alone for the evening, I often find myself feeling isolated despite my abundant surroundings. In my rumination, I try to pin down the source of my discomfort and find an explanation. That’s why I put pen to paper late one night in search of soul.

Is there a reason for me to be this lonely?

Do I have a reason to live in pieces?

You realize I’ve been living like this,

All I want presently is You.

I was accustomed to living in dimness,

Then why did You show me the light?

Now, I’m strolling back to the way of darkness,

Yet again to find myself lonely.

Your fragrance is still fresh in my soul,

I’m feeling choked from my recollection of You,

I want to believe that You hear me shouting to You,

I don’t want to live in this desolate room without You.

Thanks for reading,

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