A Heartfelt Prayer

Today, I present to you a poem titled “A Heartfelt Prayer”. This poem is a gentle reminder of the divine love that surrounds us and the eternal bond we share with the Creator. As you delve into these lines, I hope you find solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of connection with the source of all creation.

O Umair, I wish to share with you today, a tale of love divine.

I may not know you well, but your radiant soul, it does shine.

Blessed you are, with a heart so pure, a gift from the Creator above,

Yet I’ve noticed a change in your gaze, captivated by another’s love.

It seems you’ve strayed from your journey, and the One you ought to seek,

The Maker of all, who holds us close and knows when we are weak.

He patiently waits for our return, guiding us to find our way back home,

With open arms, He awaits the moment, when we no longer roam.

So today, I chose a different quest, to search for His love right here,

In every breath, in every heartbeat, feeling His presence near.

And when His grace embraces me, in this moment so sublime,

He’ll bestow upon me forgiveness, strength, and peace for all time.

I hope that this poem has resonated with you and reminded you of the importance of seeking the divine love that fills our lives with meaning and purpose. As you navigate through the journey of life, remember that the Creator’s love is always within reach, and by embracing it, we find the strength and peace to face all that comes our way. Thank you for joining me in this poetic reflection, and may you continue to find inspiration and comfort in the power of verse.

Thanks for reading,

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