Foreseeing Death

I have always believed that life is extremely unpredictable, and that death is the only thing we can all count on. There are instances when I learn about someone’s death which comes as a shock since I had assumed that their moment was just not yet.

Then there are those times when I know someone or hear about someone reaching rock bottom in life and all I want to do is pray that they do not depart too soon and that God gives them the strength to keep going. But, as I have always been taught, we plan, but He is the Master Planner. With that, I am always intrigued as to how these folks are feeling in their last few days…hours, what is going through their heads, and I try to empathise with their emotions on a human level. As a result, I decided to write this poem to explain how I felt.

Do you know when you will face your fate, Umair?

I think it is somewhere high above in the clouds,

I do not hate anyone,

I have only learnt to love,

My country is these plains, 

My people fighting for peace,

Neither there is any law,

Nor is there any fight in me,

No public masses for me,

No cheering men for me,

I am as lonely as I can possibly be,

I believe I have weighed everything in my mind, 

I consider going far away from here, 

I pray that the moments ahead will not be a waste of breath,

I have learned a lot over the years,

Now all I have to do is balance life and death.

I hope the poetry above makes you ponder a little more about life and let us make a promise to help people around us that are going through a tough patch in life.

I hope you continue to engage me and share with me on discovering new perspectives to living.

Thanks for reading,

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