The Great Mind

My anger is raised so quickly
For things that matter not
My heart doth burn in outrage
For I have imagined loss.

There is no peace within me
There is no calm repose
I have not the still serenity
That would sad stories close.

Seek out those ones that hurt me
Look for the hateful way
What hath become of my love for life
Why doth I treat me this way?

Look there! And there! Do you see it?
Doesn’t it burn your soul?
They don’t agree with you or me
On them we extract the toll.

What’s all this that I’ve become?
Why do I squander my life?
How is it that I should rather die
Than shake this rue and rife?

For my mind is better than all this
My soul has visions more grand
Than to be stuck down here in a life so queer
When I should be a better man.

My mind is as large as a galaxy
Whenever I let it run free
Yet I condemn myself to Hell
As I see only what angers me.

The Creator made me whole and clean
He made me able to see
That life is what I make of it,
I can be burdened, or free.

I can dream of great accomplishments
And bring them into being.
Or I can wallow in my misery
Thus, dead in what I am seeing.

So, let us go forth to be that,
Which was our earliest calling.
Dreamers and visionaries
Climbing high, not falling

I’ll see you there, up in the air
When we rise above this plain.
Using our limitless power
Which was given us for gain.

Umair Khan

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