Finding Meaning And Purpose Of Life

Are you looking to fill a void in your life? Feeling like you are not making enough of a difference? Unsure of where to even start? If so, you have a lot in common with the rest of us. So many people stroll through life, feeling alone and numb. Wanting a deeper connection and not knowing how to find one is a tough feeling to stomach.

The best days of our lives are the day we are born and the day that we discover our true purpose. Not knowing the true meaning of your own life can make it hard to keep going at times. We all strive for meaning and purpose.

The meaning of life is something that we all seek and it is one of the most frequently asked questions throughout the course of time. It is probably the single most important question that anyone has ever dared to ask. Throughout the course of time, many philosophers have believed it to be the most fundamental question of all. Historians, scientists, writers, philosopher and everyday humans have all wrestled with this conversation for thousands of years now.

Is Reason Ever Sufficient?

If you asked someone why they sleep, eat or head to work each day, you would get a similar answer. We do these things because we need to. We work so that we can keep a roof over our heads. We eat to sustain our bodies. We sleep because we are tired. When it comes to finding the purpose to life, we tend to be more confused. The reason does not present itself as easily.

The answers that you would receive to a question would probably vary depending on age. Younger kids might be more willing to find meaning in pleasures of the flesh. Adults may find meaning in their loved ones. Those who are a bit older are often working with retirement in mind. The truly old folks out there have often given up on the idea of finding a purpose at all. Lastly, there are others who admit that they do not know and are comfortable with that.

I do not profess to be a philosopher, either. I am just like anyone else, trying my best to find the meaning to life in any way possible.

Listening To Your Heart

Our hearts are an important tool. This is how we access our true passion and purpose in life. It is time that we asked ourselves what we really love and started taking the necessary steps to do it on a daily basis. Once we are inspired and more connected to our happy side, inspiration comes naturally. Leading from your heart is the best way to discover your joy and learn more about who you truly are as a person. This inspiration allows us to gain insights that lead to further joy.

When we lead a passion filled life, the sense that we are missing out on something tends to go away. When we lack passion? It becomes much tougher to find our purpose.

This simple action will help you immensely.

Daily Action + Passion = A Purposeful Existence

Everyone’s life has more purpose when they are truly involved in living it. That is why we need to make sure that we are embracing the journey and that we are present for every moment of it. Before long, you will notice that your cup is running over with passion. Try to be present for the journey and fully embrace it. Once you have purpose, you are going to find yourself wondering how you ever lived life without it.

Let The Heavens Speak To You

Since there is no one who can provide you with a definitive answer, the only way to find our purpose is by looking into our hearts. Our hearts and minds can tell us everything that we need to know. Those who spent time outdoors on a clear night can relate. The open sky has more stars than we can count. There are galaxies that are beyond our comprehension and when we look thru a telescope, we are able to see things that we never thought possible.

Sights like these are incredibly moving. Seeing multitudes of shining stars resting the backdrop of the night sky is enough to humble many of us. Moments like these also cause many of us to take the time to consider our place on the planet. It is only natural to contemplate our lives and if we are especially quiet, we will have the chance to hear the heavens above speaking to us. These words let us know our place.

Whether we are reading a book or watching a movie, we are able to accept that these items were created with a purpose in mind. This is the same mindset that we should take when it comes to the order and design of the universe that we reside in. The world we live in provides ample evidence of a perfect designer.

Do law exists if no one is willing to make them? The natural laws that govern our universe are simply too precise for anyone to believe that they are random. In order for the world to function as it does, an entity had to create the rules that we are currently living by. Our existence cannot be chalked up to a mere quirk of fate. We are meant to exist on this planet.

If humans were made by a supreme Creator, it only makes sense for this Creator to have a purpose in mind for our lives. In order to know the purpose for our existence, we must seek out the wisdom of God. Once we have been given the information that we need regarding the purpose of our existence, we are then given the chance to decide how we want to proceed.

Seeking out God’s counsel is crucial. When we have come to the realisation of what our purpose is, we can then decide what we wish to do with that knowledge. Living in harmony is the best decision that we can make. Communicating with our Creator is key. Otherwise, it is difficult to know what is truly expected of us in these instances. If we are expected to fulfil that purpose, it is only natural for God himself to inform us of it.

Alternative to Speculation: Asking Our Creator

To discover the true purpose of our lives, we need to ask God. The only true alternative to speculation is revelation. Ask the Creator and allow His wisdom to guide you towards a more purposeful existence.

Umair Khan

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