A Loving Soul

The past few weeks have been intriguing. Aside from my full time job and spending time on my new venture with my better half, I had a chance to attend some small social gatherings (while sticking to the Covid-19 guideline) where I met individuals who had an effect on me.

I was exhausted (not physically) after meeting certain individuals who held a pretty pessimistic view of life. Their behaviour forced me to think that these souls are dejected from the inside and the manner in which they felt towards others was brimming with bitterness.

Rather than composing a long post on this, I chose to compose a short poem to share my point of view on how it is significant for one to have a loving soul.

To meet someone who will adore you for reasons unknown, and to give that person reasons, that is ultimate love.

If there is a day to follow up on the love in your soul, it is today, it is this second. 

Love is a springtime plant that aromas everything with its beauty, even the remains to which it sticks. 

When the chronicles will be composed, it will be tracked down that the most successful fighter of all was a loving soul.

I would like to remind everyone including myself with this post, life is not guaranteed to any one of us. So remember, it is not worth staying bitter and continue hating on people. Care and spread love to everyone around you especially in this ever fast-changing world.

Thanks for reading,

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