How Reading Can Change Your Life

A book has come to my rescue during one of my most difficult moments in life. However, numerous publications have shown me a new direction and offered me incredible lessons of life. Some books have assisted me in expressing my thoughts and emotions and helped me discover a voice. Without the help of these fantastic books that I have read in the past, I would not be this type of man today.

Without mincing words, good books possess certain powers that influence you, and if you can allow the influence, your life will not remain the same. These books act as a guide that lifts you from obscurity to stardom. I am quite sure that you have a book in mind that has altered your life significantly.

This article is meant for those who want to experience transformation in a book like us who has discovered the power embedded in books.

These are some of the advantages of reading a book.


It makes you connect with the other person in the dialogue, and that is the person who wrote the book. However, there are chances that you will discover an in-depth connection through the book. With this book, you are aware of a universe existing in another place and could be your reality one day. Reading is an incredible support system required for your life.

For instance, you may be reading a book written several years ago, in another nation, in some cases, in another language by an individual with a different lifestyle. A book could have been written in New Jersey years back by someone you know. In this case, reading books can be compared to talking to someone, and if you are nodding your head as you are reading the book, it can be said you have discovered a new companion.

Reading gives you the impression that you are not alone. It shares your burdens, dreams, and efforts on your way to success. It offers you a deep sense of belonging, as your life is an integral part of the bigger ecosystem.


Reading makes you a good listener as you are, on the other hand receiving knowledge without paying any fee. The writer is communicating something of value to you that you lack before reading the book. It could be an emotion, point of view, or fact. With the book in your hands, the author is leading you into a mind that encompasses their main characters and alters ego as well as sharing deep secrets with you.

Reading expands your empathy as it increases your connection to another individual and encourages you to invest your being in the story shared by the author. If you disagree with their points, it offers you the chance to know them.


If you are humble to read a book, it will teach you some core lessons about life. Reading a book will inform you of what you should not do, say, or believe in. The onus is on you to give it a chance, and this requires humility on your part. When you read, it reminds you that everyone else is more intelligent than you and possesses an edge over you. In reality, each of us knows how to do something better than every other person.

Our life experiences have taught us one or more things in life, and this has offered an edge over other people. If you can be humble to understand this fact, your humility will have a deeply rooted concentration and let you know that you do not have all the answers.

It can be compared to studying astronomy; you begin with the world that includes everything you know and switches to the planets, the sunlight, and the stars, irresistible collections comprising their stars and planets, etc.

This experience makes me feel humble and makes my three decades of reality a tiny part of life. It also serves as a reminder that I have much to learn from others, thereby expanding my knowledge and makes me utilize my imagination for exploration. This applies to the books we read as each of them connects us to a new phase of the universe, and we have the chance to expand our eyes and start exploring. However, it is good to put your ego in check so you can learn.


The enduring books collected by you are the ones that eventually that become a mirror. The mirror is positioned in your presence, and when you read a specific portion that makes you nod, it shows you have discovered a part of yourself.

In some cases, you may smile or cry when you read that portion that talks about you. It gives you the impression that you were looking for this message a long time ago, and the writer has described your world in simple terms as he takes time to shed light on your belief systems, reminds you of your past, and offers you hope.

These words, written by the author, who is a stranger, have connected you with the individual you ought to know the best. Reading the book will offer you a path to discover yourself in life.


When you read, it challenges you. When you read a book and devote attention to it, it challenges your belief systems, and a book may become evil in some cases. Some books are there to fight the beliefs and values that you have held over the years. When you come in contact with a poorly constructed book that challenges your beliefs and values, it is easy for you to discard. On the other hand, if you see an excellent book that has been appropriately crafted, you cannot wave it off. This book will challenge you to rise and defend what you believed to be the truth.

A challenging book will compel you to think about those flaccid truths you have known over the years. It offers you the chance to challenge the fact you have always known and put them to test, and when you defend your reality, it will strengthen you irrespective of the outcome.


Reading makes you maintain calmness, and it is renowned for its therapeutic prowess. As soon as you begin digging into a book that has captured your attention, it engrosses your mind, and time stop existing in your world. Reading prevents you from rushing from one point to the other as it has engaged your attention. It packs your fears, worries, and struggles in a packed box and makes you enjoy the moment.


It is pleasurable to read. Nobody likes to read books they lack interest in. However, this is not applicable in the case of books that challenge your beliefs and values. Any book that you are reading should offer you pleasure at some point, and the time and space invested in these books should be a worthy investment and not an expense.

This gain should be pleasure and joy in its experience and learning and discovering a new companion in the book. However, if you do not notice joy or feelings of comfort in the first few pages of the book, I want to ask you a question; would you purchase a DVD for a movie you do not like? Would you be interested in going on a second date with a guy who made you cringe? If your answer is no, why would you waste your time reading a book you do not like?

It is important to note that life is too short to spend on books that do not give you pleasure and make you a better person. Make sure you read what adds value to your life, and it will change your life positively.

Umair Khan

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