Addiction To Domestic Abuse

Medications, liquor and food are not by any means the only things that individuals can get addicted on. You may be astonished to discover that abuse can likewise turn into an addiction.

Wavering between extremes is addictive, and an abused partner can come to depend on the sentiment of well-being that follows at whatever point the abuse stops. 

The relief that comes when the brutality at last stops is incredible to such an extent that it makes an addictive emotional high that is more exceptional than typical joy. Along these lines, so as to accomplish that high, victims become dependent on oppressive partners, enabling them to control whether they are happy. This is the reason abused partners frequently stay in unhealthy relationships.

Eventually, this sort of relationship dulls the abused individual’s natural fear instinct. 

I read about an occurrence in the book – “The Gift of Fear” in which the author shares a situation where a lady called a helpline for victims of domestic abuse. At the point when the counsellor inquired as to whether she was in impending danger, the lady said no. In any case, as the discussion proceeded, it turned out to be certain that the lady had secured herself in her room, and the spouse was on the opposite side of the door holding a loaded firearm. 

By proceeding to live with repeated abuse, the lady’s feeling of fear had become so dulled that she did not perceive the circumstance as unsafe. So as to feel genuine fear, she should have been looking down the barrel of that firearm.

By continually living through abuse and conceivably life-threatening circumstances, victims of abuse never again consider their partner to be a genuine danger. They lose the instinct to shield themselves or look for help from others. 

On the entirety of this is the desire to remain in the sort of secure environment that a family provides, regardless of whether an individual from that family is executing the maltreatment.

In all, everyone deserves a home that is safe and free from abuse.

On the off chance that you are or somebody you know is encountering domestic abuse and need somebody to converse with, call your local Helpline. 

There are steps you can take to stop the brutality and to be protected . I hope this article furnished you with some data to better understand domestic abuse.

Umair Khan

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