How Teaching Helps You Learn

Over the years, one of the best methods to understand a topic is by imparting the knowledge on someone else or a group of persons. According to the great Roman philosopher, Seneca, he said “we learn while we teach”. In recent times, his assertion has been acknowledged by renowned scientists as teaching has been recognized as one of the best techniques to learn and creative innovative means for learners to participate in instruction. 

As a matter of fact, researchers have discovered that enlisting students who have a thorough understanding of the topic to teach others is an amazing tool to impart knowledge, and this method is popularly known as “the protégé effect”. These students score higher marks than their contemporaries in class, and are used to teach their fellow students. However, the advantages of this method were stated in a body of articles published in the journals of Science and Intelligence in 2007. 

These articles stipulated that most first-born children are more intelligent than their siblings as it is suggested that their IQs are higher as they act as second parents to their younger siblings. This made educators to inculcate the model to ensure other students catch up in their academic endeavours. For instance, a mentoring program in the University of Pennsylvania engages the services of college undergraduates to teach computer science to students of high school, who will also impart knowledge on the students of middle school on the same topic. 

According to Nestojko, he believes that when teachers get prepared to teach, there is a possibility that they tend to look out for critical points and organize information into a coherent structure. Results from this experience suggest that students apply these innovative strategies when they are called to teach other students. 

It helps teachers to be prepared and ensures the students are properly guided on the topics, and paves way for innovative strategies required for learning. Experts believe that this method improve collaboration among students and offer feasible strategies that enhance their academic performance. 

Teaching a subject is a litmus test that shows whether you have a full understanding of the concept. However, when you teach other people a specific subject, it also improves your understanding of the whole concept. 

You need to ask yourself these questions?

  • How do you know that?
  • When would you use that?
  • How could you come up with that in the first place?

If you lack the correct answers to these aforementioned questions, you are not fit to teach the topic. That means you cannot teach the subject because you do not have a thorough understanding of the topic. Teaching others has been identified as one of the most powerful tools for understanding a certain topic. 

Teaching provides us with the rare opportunity to effectively communicate our thoughts in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend for others. As the human race grows, there is a need for effective collaboration and cooperation among us. This is made possible when we utilise the power of communication, and this is also great when we are understood as well. When other people grasp the topic you are trying to communicate to them, it makes the flow of your ideas more effective. 

Teaching is also an excellent option that helps you grow and have a fuller understanding of the concept as you gain more insight when you teach it over and over again. You can start by explaining study materials to your colleagues and friends. Most often, you can take turns in imparting knowledge on each other for knowledge reinforcement. 

Most students start by teaching other and helping each other with assignments and this enhances their performance. However, in some schools, there are some programs that are put in place to improve the knowledge of the students in their academics. These programs are used to impart knowledge as students return to their previous classes to teach the younger kids. 

Research has shown that these kids tend to listen to an individual who is about two years older than them than their teacher, and this enhances their understanding of the topic. On the other hand, the student teaching the subject will also refreshes his knowledge of the material significantly. This would help the student-teacher add immense value to the lives of the younger kids and offer him or her better background for the work ahead. 

There is no better way to learn than teaching what you already know to other students. Statistics in education are as follows: you are likely to retain 10% of what you hear, you are likely to retain 20% of what you read, you will retain 75% of what you discuss and tend to retain 90% of what you teach. 

These figures have shown that teaching is a powerful tool for retention of knowledge. According to research, when you teach others what you know, there is a higher chance that you will know the subject thoroughly and perform better in classes and during examinations. 

There is a feeling that comes with imparting knowledge on others, and this feeling makes it a powerful means of learning. For instance, when your students perform better in their examinations, you feel satisfied and happy that your efforts paid off in the long run. On the other hand, you will feel disappointed when these students fail to live up to expectations or fail woefully. 

If you want to learn more about a topic, try the art of verbalising your knowledge and explaining the lessons to another group of person or an individual. This would give you a better understanding of the material and will enhance your knowledge of the topic. When you have a better understanding of the topic, you are on your way to earn good grades in your classes. The experience of teaching others what you know is filled with fun, and everyone should participate in the process. 

These are the reasons why you should teach others what you have learnt:

  • It enhances your interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  • It helps you to be more organised.
  • It presents you as a strong authority in your field and validates your life experiences.
  • Helps you network with other people and connect with them on a personal level. 
  • It boosts your self-image and makes you contribute your quota to the improvement of your society. 

Umair Khan

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