Where Are We Headed?

The destination is much less insignificant, when the journey to its arrival holds no purpose. 

For wealth resides not in currency, nor treasures, but in the moments humanity shines brightest. 

Sadly, many chase after deities that feed off of carnal desires birthed within a tainted heart. 

Thirsting for a sip of fool’s gold.

Direction is blinded by lavish mirages that glimmer and glisten from a distance. 

Sending hypnotic frequencies into the minds that fall victim to its voice. 

Too weak to break the shackles, and too consumed with false advertisements of happiness to drift from its hold.

What we lack, is purpose. Temporary achievements fuel our need to stroke our egos in the eyes of onlookers. 

Life has been diminished to personal satisfaction, rather than what it was truly intended to be; service to mankind…

Beyond monetary attainment. 

Deeper than desires void of substance.

Value, isn’t determined on the cost, but the impact upon those among us.

Time has revealed our true colours. 

The canvas once ranging across the spectrum, is near predominantly painted black. 

A testament to the lacklustre purpose held within our lives.

As a people, our direction has been skewed, our purpose has been lost. 

I fear our descent into tragedy is assured. 

We cast aside love, and embrace vanity. 

We shed the skin of selflessness, and don selfishness.

Self has been the only person of concern throughout our current history, and it only grows more true as time progresses.

No longer we cherish those dear to us. 

Friendships fade; families dysfunctional; bonds sever; empathy is slowly fading into nothingness.

How can humans bear not humanity?

How can a heart be not one with emotion?

The veil of materialism will be our undoing.

I pray we start seeing with our hearts, rather than our eyes.

For only then, will we view life as it ought to be.

Umair Khan

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