What is Spirituality – Spiritual Awakening For Modern Seekers

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” —A.W. Tozer

As a university student, I had the opportunity of reading the above quote from the renowned theologian/philosopher, A.W. Tozer. The message has captivated me till date even though I read it about 8 years ago. Daily, the substance continues to spring up over and over again. I noticed that spirituality could be a sensitive topic that sparks reactions, intellectual arguments, strong opinions, and terrifying emotional wounds. Nonetheless, I have a firm belief that the above quote has a valid assertion. Our understanding of spirituality is crucial to our existence as human beings, and this is a conversation that should have our attention and should be discussed often. 

Our beliefs have a profound impact on our lives, whether we have pursued personal spirituality or not. Our ideas influence the way we think in several ways, either consciously or subconsciously. It controls our understanding in the following ways: 

Ourselves. Does God care about me? Is he happy with me or not pleased with my way of living? If God does not exist, who am I? Where do I come from?

Others. Are all lives equal? If yes, what is the basis? Do I have an obligation to care for others?

Minimalism. If we have eliminated the chase of earthly possessions from our affections, what do we substitute it with?

The world around us. How should we care about the world and the environment around us at large? Is our drive in this aspect more important than the survival of our species? If yes, how do we responsibly deal with this?

Morality. Does The Universe have a moral set of truth created from a higher power for it to follow? Or is the code of morality determined by each person?

Evil. Why do I need to understand the suffering and evil occurrence in the world? Is there for a purpose? To what extent should I try to thwart it?

Money. Is money/status given to some and denied to others by The Universe? Or money/status is earned by the hard work of each individual? What should I do with these perks when I get it? Am I under an obligation to show care and affection for individuals with fewer resources?

Afterlife. Is there life after the death of an individual? Is death an occurrence something to be dreaded or embraced? And either way, how should I be preparing for it today?

Without mincing words, our in-depth knowledge of spirituality has an immense significance in our lives. That is the reason why we should always explore on gaining a deeper understanding of spirituality. 

I have an idea of the fact that this community comprises readers from different backgrounds, both religious and non-religious. I am also grateful for that reality, and it is also crucial to inform you that this post does not, in any way, endorse a particular religion. My aim is to push us to see the importance of spirituality in our daily lives, and make us embrace the journey with joy instead of running away from the fact. 

You will be happy with your decision to explore your understanding of The Universe due to the critical role it plays in our lives. Irrespective of what method you have used in the past, I am here to give you seven beginner steps that are crucial to our exploration of spirituality. 

Spiritual Awakening For Modern Seekers

Respect those that have gone before. The search for understanding the concept of spirituality is as old as humanity. Billions of people have passed through this surface and spent considerable hours seeking spirituality in their rights. Ensure you do not ignore their efforts. Use their findings and writings and the materials of individuals outside the religion you have practised over the years. 

Your journey must be your own. You must decide your view of God. Make sure you do not accept the teachings of another person blindly; no matter how close they are to you (your parents and mentor are in this category). It is essential for your heart to thirst after the truth, and your spirit must be pleased in your spirituality, anything less than that is entirely useless. 

Start right where you are. Each one of us has unique gifts of character: laughter, love, self-discipline, compassion, etc. Use these extraordinary gifts of personality as your beginning point. Are you currently facing a life trial such as rejection, loss of a job, loss of a spouse/partner, sickness? Utilize it as motivation to push for a further understanding of your spirituality. According to Lao-Tzu, he said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” His assertion is accurate in every sense of the word. Ensure you start your journey with the best step that seems reasonable to you. 

Seek God for help. In this context, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when you seek God’s help. He will offer answers to your prayers. On the other hand, if you do not think he exists, the process of making your request will assist you to concentrate your desire and senses. 

Practice, practice, practice. Spiritual growth is cultivated through the art of consistent training, like any other thing in life. If you have applied your first few steps and seems not to get your answers, take some steps in a different direction. This would require energy, effort, and time, but the result will always justify the efforts you put into it, considering its influence on our lives. 

Don’t be afraid of unanswered questions. Even though leaving questions unanswered may not augur well for the goal of your quest, we should remain focused and undeterred. Unanswered questions will make some people let go of their quest for spirituality. While our spirituality should answer the most profound questions of our hearts, it would be unfair to think our minds can figure out the entire mysteries of The Universe. 

Be careful of “everyone is right” thinking. Be cautious of this kind of thinking that “If there is no God, there is no God”. If there is a God, He is something precise. On a personal level, I am against the school of thought that opined that God could change from one person to another person. That assertion seems unsound to me. God is who He is, and we have to find Him. 

On a final note, I discovered that this journey would be different and a unique experience for each of us. Spirituality is a personal matter and will yield different results for everyone. This post is not an endorsement for a specific religion. It is a reminder post to encourage you and inform you of the importance of the journey. 

Umair Khan

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